Patirck Meinart's STRENGTH COACH course is based on the Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) of the NATIONAL STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING ASSOCIATION (NSCA), but also includes issues from other training areas.
The main objectives of the level 1 course are techniques and methods of strength training to improve athletic performance in deadlift and squat. It is based on the latest scientific findings and practical experience. STRENGTH COACH is able to train clients to increase their peroformance in methodical and sustainable way.
Course content:
- Fundamental movement patterns (squat and deadlift) analysis and evaluation (Assessments)
- Functional anatomy and exercise physiology (revision)
- Biomechanics of "Lower Body Movements"
- Proper selection of exercises and their order
- Building strength training plans with determining the intensity / volume / rate and cadence
- Training in orthopedic limitations and pain induced performance plateaus (Introduction)
- Squat and deadlift in practice
- Lower Body Movements technique and optimization
- Proper Warm Up and "Mobility Drills" for the squat
- Use of "assessment tools"
- Basic program design and periodization (difference between strength, hyptertrophie and fat reduction)
- Application of various intensity techniques in weight training
- Squat and deadlift in practice - various intensity techniques
- Nutrition Level 1: Optimal nutrition to optimize performance
- Use of fundamental dietary supplements (THE BIG FIVE) to improve performance
- Creating training plans
Any athlete or coach may attend this training without specific basic training. The participant will receive a certificate of participation maintains it. However, only trained fitness instructors, personal trainers, sport or physical therapist (or similar) may participate in the final test. The test is performed on the last day of 3 level of the course.


Course teacher: 

Patrick Meinart  he has been working with athletes and amateurs for 15 years. Certified trainer, physiotherapist and sports psychologist (Dipl. Sportwissenschaftler DSHS, Dipl. Psychologe, Sportphysiotherapeut DOSB). Patrick has developed his own innovative training methodology based on functional neurology (chiropractic neurology), mobility training and performance improvement. He specialises in training athletes struggling with chronic pain. Patrikc is often invited to international courses and conferences as a keynote speaker and trainer (e.g. Perform Better, Perform Sports, LAPT, IFHIAS). 

Patrick completed a number of profesional courses. His certifications include, among others: Personal Trainer A License SAFS BETA, Performance Diagnostics PROF. DR. BAUM INSTITUTE, BioSignature Level 1 Yoga Teacher (Hatha), Mobility & Strength Coach, fascial Fitness Advanced Trainer Somatics ACADEMY, Master Trainer GRAVITY, Program Design YPSI, Advanced Program Design STRENGTH SENSEI, IASTM FAT tool Practitioner HUMAN MOTION, Certified FRC Mobility Specialist , Fascial Movement Taping Level 2 (RockDoc).

More information about Patrick available at

Daniel Ebert:  Daniel Ebert Intelligent Coach - powerlifter, trainer, international courses and conferences speaker. 
Daniel Ebert is WDFPF World Vice Champion in deadlift and Wrold Champion in Squat (unequipped); German Champion in powerlifting; European Champion in deadlift. 
(His PR's: Squat: 210 kg by 82,0 kg / Benchpress: 135 kg by 87,1 kg / Deadlift: 257,5 kg przy 82,5 kg)

Course in ENGLISH (translated into Polish)

Date: 24-16 of June 2016

Place: Sport Cube, Strzegomska 141/145, 54-430 Wrocław (Poland)

Price: 430 €

For any questions, please contact us at: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. .

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